Saturday, 29 June 2013

Indigo Obsession

I have been obsessed with using the colour indigo blue in my work, including my paintings and drawings.
I have always been drawn to blue, especially indigo, and when I am deciding my pallet this colour comes very intuitively to me.
Growing up in the Middle East, I saw a lot of blue in tile works and handy crafts. I believe that the culture and geography of the land in which you grew up has a great influence on your subconscious colour memory. No matter where you travel or live the colours that you felt will be forever in your memory.

Here is some of my Indigo Obsession collection

From left: Blue Mousque Tabriz Iran I Lace Earing by whiteowl
 Blue Mousque Tabriz-Iran I Persian blue vase by SnapshotsThroughTime
Isfahan_Iran I Moonrise Garden By Inthemysticgarden
pottery tile fragments Isfahan iran 17th I Sibella Court I
 Ori-nui Shibori (meandering stream) Indigo on cotton,1912

Thursday, 13 June 2013

" Culture is something that evolves out of the simple, enduring
Elements of everyday life; elements most thoughtfully expressed
in the folk arts and crafts of a nation. " 

Thor Hansen  

Photo : Courtesy of textile museum of Canada

I have always loved mid century modern Design style, specially patterns and textiles from that Period.
 Researching for ideas, I came across Thor Hansen's work again and his great achievements in Canadian design and craft history.
I Admire his work, and how he persuaded a Canadian design identity by encouraging the synthesis of craft and folk art.

Short video about his Work 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

June DeskTop + Iphone Calender

 Hello Summer ! In celebration of this  beautiful month of June, here’s a set of flower filled desktop & I Phone backgrounds.I hope they will Color your work space and Brighten your days.

Click below to Download Your desk top

Click below to Download Your Iphone Screen saver