About Mystic Garden (Mystica Design)

I have started an illustration and design label called Mystica Design. Currently this is a part time project as I am finding a balance between my day-job and my artwork. The inspiration for Mystic Garden comes from Persian gardens and culture, folk designs, tribal patterns, vintage embroideries, nature, and organic forms. The focus is on having fun with the designs and exploring new material. Lately I have been keeping busy not only with the Mystic Garden project, but  also by maintaining a day job as a designer, attending university, and painting at night.

The name "Mystic Graden" which I use the Mystica design on my website, Is inspired from "Persian Garden",
For more than three thousand years, the Persian garden has been a focus of Iran's national imagination, influencing its art, literature, and even religion. The Persian garden's inspirational role has, however, extended far beyond the land of its origin. The Persian garden starts from the magnificent sanctuaries and hunting parks of fifth-century b.c. Persepolis to the magical nightingale gardens of nineteenth-century Tehran. All were seen as a kind of earthly paradise (the English word paradise has its roots in the old Persian word pairi-daeza meaning a walled space).

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